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How To Place An Order

On your favorite items product page,For example Item ID: nmo-020 this product.

The First Step(Select the Color, Size, Rush Order)

Select the Color

You can click on the Color drop-down menu (in the "A") to Choose clothes color, you can Choose As Picture or Custom color.

If I want to "Custom color"
We sincerely suggest you check Color Chart before Choose the color,when you decide the color you want, then back to click drop-down menu(in the "A") to Choose color.

Select the Size

You can click on the Size drop-down menu (in the "B") to Choose your size or Custom Size.

If I want to "Custom Size"(If your size is greater than US18W,You should Choose Custom Size)

We sincerely suggest you check Our How to Measure (in the "D"),Please explain our picture Measuring your body, In the size drop-down menu(in the "B") Fill in your measurements Size.

Select Rush Order
If You Get It in 20 Working Days or You Get It in 15 Working Days or You Don't Need Rush Order,You can click on the Rush Order drop-down menu (in the "E"),According to your date Choose.

Completed your order information, click on the "Add to cart" will enter the Shopping Cart

The Second Step

The shopping cart page,Please click "Proceed Checkout"(in the "F") payment to the payment page,If you want continue shopping,Please click "Continue Shopping"(in the "H").If you have a coupon,Please click "Continue Shopping"(in the "G")

The Third step