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How to Cooperate:

Whatever for individuals,wholesale clients like bridal shop/botique/salon owners,wedding or event dress designers or other organization in this industry,Yabreny is no doubt an excellent supplier for your big day,business and career.

Following are service we can offer:

1:OEM(original equipment manufacturer)
We can stitch your logo and labels on the dress.You can either send us the finished materials or send us pictures of your logo or labels then we contact manufacturer here to make that for you.
2.Make according to your samples:
If you have some sample dresses in hand and you want us to batch make more for you,please send us your samples first.We will hunt for the most similar material in our local market to make the dresses for you.
3:Make according to pictures:
If you have your own design or pictures of the dress,please send us as more and detailed pictures as possible.For designers,we can sign a confidentiality contract to protect your intellectual property.

Following are service we can offer:

1:Send us the item ID or link of the dresses and the quantities you want to purchase,we will quote the price without shipping fee.
2:If you feel OK about our quotation,then choose a payment method to pay.
2.Make according to your samples:
3:If you want to sew your own logo and labels on the dresses,send the samples and your request in details.We will find a manufacturer to make that for you.
4:After we finish the dresses,we will contact the delivery company and inquiry the latest shipping price.Then you choose your favorite.
PS:in this process,if you want us to make the invoice or sign any contract,send us the document,we will check,sign then send back to you.